We have groups for each age which ensures optimal interest and progress.

Some children start as young as 2 but mostly at 3+. At this age the aim is to explore the joy of movement and learn to work together.

As the children get older, by 4+ the lessons become more structured and we offer the opportunity to participate in our annual performance.

From 7+ formal barre and centre training in the classical technique are introduced.


However, we understand that for many ballet is a hobby so we keep a balance between having a creative atmosphere in class while allowing children enough freedom to express themselves.

We offer a free trial lesson for children and thereafter parents pay per term.

For those children who are serious about Ballet we offer pointe work when they are deemed ready, private lessons and guide children and parents about the next steps to take.

In the end of each year besides offering annual performances we invite children to take examinations with leading specialists from Vaganova Academy (St.Petersburg) and receive a signed Certificate.

Our students have already been accepted to

The Royal Ballet School, Vaganova Academy, Arts Educational School, Elmhurst School, Tring and San Francisco Ballet School.

Term dates:


Term starts on Tuesday 5 September and ends on Monday 11 December

Half term will be from Monday 23 to Saturday 28 October.


Children's Schedule

Monday16:00-17:00 QH17:00-18:00 QH18:00-19:00 QH19:15-20:15 O219:00-19:30 (12-13 years) QH
Tuesday16:00-16:45 PC16:45-17:45 PC17:45-18:15
(9-11 years) PC
Wednesday15:45-16:15 O216:15-17:00 O216:00-16:45 QH16:45-17:45 QH17:45-18:45 QH18:45-19:45 QH (variations)
Thursday16:00 - 16:45 KAS16:15-17:00 PC

16:15-17:15 O2
17:00-18:00 PC18:45-20:00 SA18:00-18:30 (12-13 years) PC

20:00-20:30 SA
Saturday9:00-9:30 O29:30-10:00 O210:00-11:00 O211:00-12:00 O212:00-13:00 O213:00-14:00 O213:00-13:30 O2
SundayPrivate coaching Available from10:00 SA

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